Dashing Through the Snow

Hiking is the favourite travel activity of many. There’s just so much that you can see in this world that’s only accessible by foot. Hike with White Shaman Hiking Bureau.

Because we’ve got our feet firmly on the ground...

We regularly enjoy the hikes ourselves, ensuring that our hikers have constant access to our unique insight on the best routes, together with the most engaging natural landmarks.

People from across the globe are drawn to hiking for a variety of reasons, such as reconnecting with nature, escaping the city life, meeting new people, deepening old friendships, or experiencing a simpler life.

Seeking The Best Winter Hiking Trains In Canada?

Troll Falls

A perennial favourite, the easy hike to ice-covered Troll Falls offers a surprising amount of variety over its short length. Even with a web of trails in the area, the route to the falls is a snap to find. Hike through the dense evergreen forest on a wide trail to reach a beautiful section of open aspens.

Prairie Mountain

If you want a workout that mimics a stairclimber at the gym, do the ever-popular and dog-friendly hike up Prairie Mountain. It starts steeply and stays that way until you clear the trees; then it moderates all the way to the constantly windy summit. The reward on top – a rush of happy hormones and far-reaching mountain and prairie views, including Calgary.

Johnston Canyon

Strap on a pair of ice-cleats to start your Johnston Canyon adventure. Over 2.7 km, hike into a world of frozen creeks and waterfalls, accessed via a path through a spectacular canyon that would otherwise be off-limits. At the Lower Falls be sure to cross the bridge and duck through a tunnel to get an intimate view of a frozen icefall.

Winter Wonderlands

Hiking Trails in the USA

Mount Ellinor Trail

Mount Ellinor is the southern-most prominence on the eastern front of the Olympics, according to Washington Trails Association. The lower trailhead at 2,600 feet welcomes you to the ascent with an easy grade at the outset. The route from the upper trailhead at 3,500 feet starts with a nearly immediate upward jolt. You'll see a well-signed junction with the winter route. It goes straight up the steep chute that fills with snow. You’re going to love glissading back down the ravine.

Fairyland Loop

The Fairyland Loop is absolutely gorgeous, especially in the winter. Fairyland Point is where you will begin your hike on the Fairyland Loop Trail, which is quite strenuous. Bring your camera to capture the amazing views.

Kincaid Beach Trail

This secret beach in Anchorage is most popular in the spring, which is another reason to go in the winter – fewer people. You can see the beautiful Mount McKinley and the Alaska Range covered in snow. After you reach the beach, head onto the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail and after 11 miles you’ll be in downtown Anchorage.

Useful Tips On Winter Hiking

Learn To Use Crampons

If you’re new to crampons, read up on techniques and try them out on an easy trail. Practice putting them on and taking them off. Ask a more experienced friend or a guide to show you how to use them going uphill and downhill.

Make Tea Or Cocoa

A hot beverage can warm you up and provide a nice break from the hike. If your water is room temperature, it’s less likely to freeze and it will boil faster. There’s nothing like a hot cocoa break to motivate you for the summit push.

Invest In Good Gear

While no two packing lists are exactly the same, there are some basic items that every winter hiker should be prepared to buy. Most avid winter hikers invest in the following items: crampons or snowshoes, waterproof pants and jacket, knee-high gaiters, waterproof boots, an insulated jacket, a lightweight backpack, hiking poles, a camp stove, hats/gloves, and goggles or wrap-around sunglasses.

Adriana Aguayo

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We are passionate about travel, adventure, and living life to the fullest. One of our missions is to preserve hiking trails – ensuring that their vast natural beauty and priceless cultural heritage can be shared and enjoyed today, tomorrow, and for centuries to come.

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